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Adnan Sami

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About Adnan Sami
Adnan Sami Khan is arguably the fastest keyboard player in the world. He is a Pakistani native, who was raised in UK. Although he only took one music class in his school, he was playing piano like a professional when he was just 7 years old. Even the British channel BBC aired a program about Adnan Sami Khan. He gave classical music a new touch. Recently Adnan released his last album "Kabhi To Nazar Milao", which was an Indian version of the Pakistani Album he released in 1997 "Badaltey Mausam". Currently Adnan Sami Khan is working with Indian Artists like Lucky Ali, A. R. Rehman, Viju Shah and Shaimak Davar for producing the Soundtracks of a forthcoming bollywood movie "Kaante". He also sung one song "Mehbooba" in the Bollywood Movie "Ajnabi". • INTRODUCTION: • Name: Adnan Sami Khan • Date of Birth: 15, August 1973 (UK) • Talents: Singer, musician, pianist, actor, composer. • Father: Arshad Sami Khan (Pakistan) • Mother: Naureen (India) • Married Life: Zeba Bakhtiar (Ex-Wife), Safa Galadhari (Current Wife, Based in Dubai) • Children: Azaan Khan (Son/Zeba Bakhtiar) • Family Based: Parents and younger brother, all based in Houston, USA. • Achievements: Nigar Award (Pakistan), Bolan Academy Award (Pakistan), Graduate Award(Pakistan), Special UNICEF Award, United Nations Peace Medal, MTV's 'Breakthrough Artiste of the Year' award for 2001. • Biography: Adnan has been educated in Britain where he first studied at the Prestigious Public School called "Rugby School". He went on to graduate from the University of London, throughout developing his musical style and technique on the Piano and thus evolving a new sound which he pioneered and ultimately introduced to the world thus becoming the first person to play Indian Classical music on the electric Piano. • Reviewing a Piano solo performance Adnan had given on the Channel 4 in the UK, the famous American magazine "Keyboard" declared him the "Keyboard Discovery of The 90s". Popularly referred to as the fastest Keyboard player in the world, this observation was first made by the Swedish Radio and Television Broadcasting. Adnan Sami has been featured in a documentary recently commissioned by the Foreign and Common Wealth Office of Great Britain amongst exclusive ten famous names from the sub-continent of India and Pakistan, who have influenced the Asian culture in the UK over the last fifty years. • As a classical concert pianist, Adnan Sami has had the honor of giving "solo" Royal Command Performances before such Royalty as the King of Sweden and King Hussein of Jordan. He has also performed before Heads of State and Governments such as President Mitterand of France, President of United Arab Emirates, President and Prime Minister of India, President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, President and Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Sweden and Princess Christina of Sweden. Apart from this, Adnan has performed for prestigious Music Festivals to sold-out Stadiums of his solo concert tours all over the world in over forty countries. • Adnan is committed to experimenting with new styles and forms rather than be taken hostage by success as a commercial Artist and thus creating formula music.
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No, Adnan Sami is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Adnan Sami for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.