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Camilo Franco

Camilo Franco Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Deep House, Techno, Electronic, House Music
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About Camilo Franco
If you have not heard Camilo Franco playing before, you are in for a real treat, he is not only a resident at the Ibiza’s institution and Club Nº1 that is Space Ibiza, he is one of the most international Spanish DJ’s. Born in Colombia but settled in Barcelona, Camilo Franco is one of the DJs and producers who have the greatest professional career and most internationally renowned in Spain. He started his professional career at 15 and a few years later he already worked at the best clubs in the country and in the five continents. In 2002 Camilo became internationally famous working as the image of a trademark. During his professional career he has been nominated on several occasions and in different disciplines for several awards in the sector, and in the Deejaymags 2010 he was awarded Best Resident DJ in a Club in Ibiza in 2010. Camilo Franco does not only perform at clubs and festivals, but also in fashion events such as Custo’s party (Bread & Butter) and cinema events like the “Biutiful” party (Cannes Festival 2010) and at the Closing Party in the San Sebastian Cinema Festival in 2010. In 2008 Camilo joined the parties Monday’s Calling and We Love as a resident DJ and he made his debut at the Opening and Closing Fiesta at Space Ibiza. Nowadays he is a Space Ibiza and Space Ibiza on Tour resident DJ. He plays over the world its House sound, which never ceases to impress the audience and when he is behind the decks you will convert to Camilo Franco. Besides, he keeps his weekly residency at the club Carpe Diem de Barcelona. As a producer, he has done several jobs on his own and also together with artists such as David Penn or René Amesz. He has remixed tracks for artists like Chus & David Penn or Lorenzo Aldino. Camilo has published in several labels, among which we can point out Nervous Records, Urbana Recordings or Apple Funk. His style can be described as house in all its sides. As he says: "I love making people víbrate on the dance floor" /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Si no has escuchado nunca a Camilo Franco pinchar, ¿a qué estas esperando ?. No solo es el residente de la institución Ibicenca y club número 1 del mundo Space Ibiza, sino que es uno de los djs españoles con mayor proyección internacional. Nacido en Colombia pero afincado en Barcelona, Camilo Franco es uno de los DJ’s y productores con mayor trayectoria profesional e internacionalmente más reconocido de España. A los 15 años comienza su carrera profesional y pocos años después ya había trabajado en los mejores clubes del país y de los 5 continentes. Camilo se da a conocer a nivel internacional en 2002 trabajando como imagen de una marca comercial. Durante su trayectoria profesional ha sido nominado varias veces y en varias disciplinas a varios premios del sector, obteniendo en la edición 2010 de los Deejaymags el premio a Mejor DJ Residente de un Club en Ibiza 2010. Camilo Franco no solo actúa en clubs y festivales, sino también en eventos de moda como la fiesta de Custo (Bread & Butter) y eventos de cine como la fiesta de “Biutiful” (Festival de Cannes 2010) y en la fiesta de clausura del Festival de Cine de San Sebastián 2010. En 2008, Camilo entra como residente en las fiestas Monday’s Calling y We Love y se estrena en el Opening y Closing Fiesta de Space Ibiza. Actualmente es residente de Space Ibiza y de Space Ibiza On Tour. Camilo pincha por todo el mundo sus ritmos House, impresionando día a día a toda la audiencia y haciendo que se conviertan automáticamente en seguidores de Camilo Franco. Además mantiene una residencia semanal en el exclusivo club Carpe Diem de Barcelona. Como productor ha realizado varios trabajos en solitario y también junto a artistas como David Penn o Danny Márquez. Ha remezclado temas para artistas como Chus & David Penn o Lorenzo Aldino. Camilo ha editado en varios sellos de los que destacan Nervous Records, Urbana Recordings o Defected Records. Su estilo se define como House en todas sus vertientes. Como él dice: "Me encanta hacer gritar a la gente en la pista de baile"
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Deep House, Techno, Electronic, House Music

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No, Camilo Franco is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Camilo Franco for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.