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Leon Somov

Leon Somov Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

Welcome to the official artist page for Leon Somov – your premier destination for the latest concert tickets, tour announcements, and exclusive shows near you. Dive into the music, explore the artist’s reviews and photos, and never miss another concert moment. Stay updated, stay connected, and be the first to grab tickets for an unforgettable musical experience.
On tour Yes
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Vilniaus Vingio parkas
About Leon Somov
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Leon Somov Tour Cities
Vilnius, Lithuania

Frequently Asked Questions About Leon Somov

Concerts & Tour Date Information

Is Leon Somov on tour?

Yes, Leon Somov is currently on tour. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming Leon Somov concert, make sure to grab your tickets in advance. The Leon Somov tour is scheduled for 1 dates across 1 cities. Get information on all upcoming tour dates and tickets for 2024-2025 with Hypebot.

How many upcoming tour dates is Leon Somov scheduled to play?

Leon Somov is scheduled to play 1 shows between 2024-2025. Buy concert tickets to a nearby show through Hypebot.

When does the Leon Somov tour start?

Leon Somov’s tour starts Jun 07, 2024 and ends on Jun 07, 2024. They will play 1 cities; their most recent concert was held in Vilnius at Vilniaus Vingio parkas and their next upcoming concert will be in at .

What venues is Leon Somov performing at?

As part of the Leon Somov tour, Leon Somov is scheduled to play across the following venues and cities:

2024 Tour Dates:

Jun 07 - Vilnius, Lithuania @ Vilniaus Vingio parkas