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Matt Vee

Matt Vee Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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On tour Yes
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Category American Rock, Rock, Neil Diamond Tribute, Americana
Bottineau County Fair 2024
Joetown Rocks 2024
Saint Joseph
I Am, He Said! A Celebration of Neil Diamond starring Matt Vee & The Killer Vees
Arnolds Park
I Am, He Said-A Celebration of Neil Diamond starring Matt Vee & The Killer Vees
The CharterKats Ride Again!
La Pointe
About Matt Vee
Nephew of legendary 60s pop-star Bobby Vee, Matt Vee, singer, guitarist, writer and recording artist, along with his cousins Jeff and Tommy Vee (sons of Bobby Vee) and wife Julie Velline tour the country performing as "The Killer Vees," in various musical configurations. Most notably is Matt's production "I Am, He Said"--A Celebration of Neil Diamond, which has played for hundreds of thousands nationwide. Matt grew up within the legacy of a very musical family. Father Bill Velline and his younger brother Bobby formed “Bobby Vee & The Shadows” as a basement band in 1958. Buddy Holly’s untimely death on February 3, 1959, “The Day The Music Died” would catapult Bobby Vee into the international spotlight in early 1960. Bob Dylan, then known as “Elston Gunnn” briefly performed with Matt’s dad and uncle in those early days and recently quoted on-stage that “Bobby was the most meaningful person I've shared the stage with.” This legacy has continued on with Matt and Bobby’s sons Jeff and Tommy Vee, and Matt’s wife Julie as “The Killer Vees!” You can catch Matt and the Vee brothers in many different touring acts. Just check the website for a show near you!
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American Rock, Rock, Neil Diamond Tribute, Americana
What fans are saying
5 / 5
Absolutely LOVE Matt and the band! What a great performance! Port Charlotte, please bring him back next year!
The Twisted Fork Port Charlotte, FL
Mar 28, 2024
5 / 5
Great show! All musicians involved were great!! Venue was great. Please bring them back again.
Prairie's Edge Casino Resort Granite Falls, MN
Jan 02, 2023
4 / 5
Awesome show with the music and especially the old video of Bobby Vee
Paramount Center for the Arts Saint Cloud, MN
Oct 20, 2022
5 / 5
Fabulous! Loved every minute of it💕
Fergus Falls Center For Arts Fergus Falls, MN
Mar 21, 2022
5 / 5
Wonderful gives the best show!!!!
Benson High School Benson, MN
May 02, 2022
5 / 5
Amazing music and venue!
The Winery at Sovereign Estate Waconia, MN
May 15, 2023
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Matt Vee Tour Cities
Bottineau, ND Arnolds Park, IA Saint Joseph, MN La Pointe, WI Medora, ND

Frequently Asked Questions About Matt Vee

Concerts & Tour Date Information

Is Matt Vee on tour?

Yes, Matt Vee is currently on tour. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming Matt Vee concert, make sure to grab your tickets in advance. The Matt Vee tour is scheduled for 5 dates across 5 cities. Get information on all upcoming tour dates and tickets for 2024-2025 with Hypebot.

How many upcoming tour dates is Matt Vee scheduled to play?

Matt Vee is scheduled to play 5 shows between 2024-2025. Buy concert tickets to a nearby show through Hypebot.

When does the Matt Vee tour start?

Matt Vee’s tour starts Jun 14, 2024 and ends on Aug 22, 2024. They will play 5 cities; their most recent concert was held in Bottineau at Bottineau County Fairgrounds and their next upcoming concert will be in Arnolds Park at Roof Garden Ballroom.

What venues is Matt Vee performing at?

As part of the Matt Vee tour, Matt Vee is scheduled to play across the following venues and cities:

2024 Tour Dates:

Jun 14 - Bottineau, ND @ Bottineau County Fairgrounds
Jul 03 - Saint Joseph, MN @ College of Saint Benedict
Jul 07 - Arnolds Park, IA @ Roof Garden Ballroom
Aug 12 - Medora, ND @ Burning Hills Amphitheatre
Aug 22 - La Pointe, WI @ Madeline Island Town Park