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Marcel Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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About Marcel
Marcel Francois Chagnon (born February 9, 1975) is an American country music singer-songwriter. Marcel has written songs for Country stars such as Josh Gracin ("Nothin' to Lose", "Favorite State of Mind"), Rascal Flatts ("Backwards"), LeAnn Rimes ("The Weight of Love"), and Big & Rich ("You Never Stop Loving Somebody"). Marcel was a professional hockey player until signing with Mercury Nashville in 2002. He is currently engaged to country music artist Jessica Andrews. ---- There are 2 artists named Marcel. Here is the other. Marcel is the artist of Good Looking Records' Cookin' Records imprint. He had two albums at the German company UCMG/Mole Listening Pearls (Viginti etduo, Cirrus maximus), but his new album will come out in 2004 June at Good Looking's downtempo sublabe Cookin' Records. You can find his latest releases on the Good Looking Records' cd Earth vol.6., "Jealous" and "Solitudo 3". Marcel also records as Carmel alterego. He released a 12" under this jazzy Carmel alterego titled "Nujazzkiller" at Fluid Ounce in 2002, from which "Harakiri blues", a crazy acid track with opera samples was a favourite of many djs, nevertheless Gilles Peterson used to play this tune out frequently. More recently the Carmel releases will come out at Tru Thoughts Records (Quantic's record label), where the last release was actually the Quantic: Off the beaten track (Carmel remix). Marcel use to play unique live acts with samplers, synthesizers etc.
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Is Marcel on tour?

No, Marcel is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Marcel for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.