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Maxo Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

Welcome to the official artist page for Maxo – your premier destination for the latest concert tickets, tour announcements, and exclusive shows near you. Dive into the music, explore the artist’s reviews and photos, and never miss another concert moment. Stay updated, stay connected, and be the first to grab tickets for an unforgettable musical experience.
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Category Lo-fi Hip-hop, Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop
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About Maxo
Maxo’s artistic practice has always been rooted in imagery, observation, and capturing moments. Growing up in Southern California, the rapper spent a lot of time combing through old family photo albums, some of whose contents have become the artwork for his musical releases. But his fascination with visual memento is less about nostalgia or remembering, and more about exploring concepts of growth, healing, and cycles. While his early records openly grapple with emotional turbulence, anger and depression, his latest release EGHASOH (Even God Has a Sense of Humor) is Maxo’s acceptance stage, and an impressive evolution from earlier unornamented lo-fi projects. With an emphasis on jazzy instrumentalism and soothing, intricate vocals from features like Liv.e, Melanie Charles, and keiyaA, EGHASOH is a beautifully complex sonic effort. Its contributors include a range of musicians: Pink Siifu, Last Name David, Madlib, Gray Matter, Karriem Riggins, Beat Butcha, and Lance Skywalker. On the new record, Maxo’s delivery punches as he poetically unpacks the trials and blessings that have marked the last three years since Lil Big Man, his stirring and meditative Def Jam debut album. For Maxo, EGHASOH is just another offering of self-expression from an artist whose sole intention is to develop as a human being and heal.
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Lo-fi Hip-hop, Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop

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Is Maxo on tour?

No, Maxo is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Maxo for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.