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Nightvision Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
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About Nightvision
Nightvision, an incredibly talented and exciting young British 4-piece rock/metal band from Lincolnshire, released their second album ‘Consequence Of Sin’ on Rocksector Records on 19th September 2011. The new album, like its predecessor ‘As The Lights Go Down’ in 2009, is filled with exuberant, crisp crunching guitar riffs, soaring wide ranging vocals, thunderous melodic bass lines & powerhouse engine room drumming: yet this time the sound is harder, even more driven & packed full of modern metal anthems. To cap it all the stunning attention grabbing artwork complements the lyrics perfectly and the package is completed with a lavish and stunning video from Video Ink featuring the opening track ‘So Many Lies’ which can now be seen on YouTube, Scuzz & Kerrang TV Formed originally in 2003 it took three years to get the line up and definitive sound they were looking for with the arrival in 2006 of extrovert lead vocalist Dave McKee, joining guitarist Bolda and brothers Daryl & Dean Hocking on drums and bass guitar. The band then set about developing their live performance skills with relentless gigging, gradually gaining regular headline slots at rock venues across the UK and a range of significant support slots including those with NWOBHM legends Diamond Head, American rockers Fozzy, fronted by WWE superstar Chris Jericho, and Blaze Bailey (Iron Maiden). At the end of 2008 Nightvision reached a landmark moment when the band signed a worldwide exclusive deal with one of the UK’s fastest growing independent labels, Rocksector Records & recorded their debut album ‘As The Lights Go Down’ at Doncaster’s Axis studios with producer Matt Elliss (Louise, Black Spiders, GU Medicine). The album was released in April 2009 to widely praised critical acclaim not least from Metal Hammer and PowerPlay who both afforded generous feature space. 2009 & 2010 saw busy touring schedules designed to further the band’s growing reputation as one of the rising stars of the new generation of British original heavy rock/metal bands. This included main support slots with Blaze Bailey and also an amazing show at the Relentless Garage in London with touring Fozzy. The band also made its debut on foreign soil with an appearance at Wizzfest in Belgium, immediately getting invited back for a high profile slot at the 2011 festival.. After recording the new album back at Axis Studios in the spring of 2011 and following a series of summer shows including SOS Festival in Greater Manchester the band then launched the new album and completed the successful and extensive UK headline ‘Consequence Of Sin’ Tour in the final quarter of a momentous year. The reviews for ‘Consequence of Sin’ have been outstanding and mark the band’s quality approach to everything they do, firmly establishing itself as a premier emerging act in the UK. 2012 saw Nightvision on the road again with a series of UK dates with the legendary Tygers Of Pan Tang in Feb/March and was followed by their own headline UK tour during April/May. NV continue with another date with Tygers at Newcastle O2 in July, a main stage 8pm slot at BOMFEST 2012 and other dates which can be viewed on the sites giglists when they take their exciting and infectious live show to an ever growing fan base. Keep the eyes and ears open for news of Autumn/Winter tour dates and any other developments.....cheers for the support! NV x Straight up Hard Rock laced with a strong dose of Modern Metal! Treat Yourself!!
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Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Band members
Daryl Hocking - Drums vocals, Dean Hocking - Bass vocals, Bolda - Guitar vocals, Dave Mckee - Lead Vocals

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Is Nightvision on tour?

No, Nightvision is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Nightvision for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.