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Oficina G3

Oficina G3 Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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About Oficina G3
Oficina G3 is a christian rock band from Brazil. Formed in 1988, the current band's line-up consists of: Juninho Afram (lead guitar and vocals), Jean Carllos (keyboards and occasional vocals) and Duca Tambasco (bass). As of 2006, Celso Machado and Alexandre Aposan occasionally tours with the band, playing rhythm guitar and drums, respectively. The band began its work in 1988, as the musical group of the protestant church Cristo Salva. Juninho Afram is the only founding member who still plays in the band. In 1990, Oficina G3 released its first EP. In 1993, they released their first full-length album, called Nada é Tão novo, Nada é Tão velho (Nothing is so new, Nothing is so old). Two new musicians (Duca and Jean) entered to the band, in addition to the departure of founding member and bass player Wagner Garcia. In 1996, they released Indiferença (Indifference), which was followed in 1998 by an Acoustic album. Probably the band's best moment was in 2000s, when they met the vocalist PG (currently on solo career) and relased O Tempo (The Time) in 2000 and Humanos (Humans) in 2003. Walter Lopes, founding member and drummer, left the band in 2002, in order to begin a pastoral ministry, while PG would leave the band one year later, to pursue his own career. Juninho assumed the vocals. In 2005, Além do que os Olhos Podem Ver (Beyond the eyes can see) was released, the first album featuring Juninho Afram on lead vocals. They're now touring and promoting their newest album, ElektrAcustika G3, released in 2007.
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Band members
Juninho Afram, Duca Tambasco, Mauro Henrique, Jean Carllos

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Is Oficina G3 on tour?

No, Oficina G3 is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Oficina G3 for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.