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Roberta Campos

Roberta Campos Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Acoustic, Brazilian Music, Brazilian Folk, Brazilian Pop, Mpb
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About Roberta Campos
Roberta Cristina Campos Martins, known professionally as Roberta Campos, is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. She was born on December 29, 1977, in Caetanópolis, Minas Gerais Roberta Campos started her career in 2008 with the release of her first album "Para Aquelas Perguntas Tortas", which was entirely composed and produced by her. Her music style is mostly folk and acoustic, and she is known for her singer-songwriter style. Roberta Campos' lyrics are often introspective and emotional, dealing with themes such as love, relationships, and personal growthSome of her most popular songs include "De Janeiro a Janeiro", "Minha Felicidade", and Abrigo." Roberta Campos has released several albums and singles throughout her career and has collaborated with other artists. She is considered one of the main voices of the new MPB (Msica Popular Brasileira) generation.
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Acoustic, Brazilian Music, Brazilian Folk, Brazilian Pop, Mpb

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Is Roberta Campos on tour?

No, Roberta Campos is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Roberta Campos for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.