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Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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On tour Yes
Followers 84,938
Category Hip-hop, Rap, Christian Rap
Rural Music Fest 2024
About Social Club Misfits
People often talk about the future of hip-hop music like it isn't right now. As if the future were some far off paint splotch occupying our collective imagination. On the contrary, the future is now, and some aren't afraid to take it where it's going. Enter Social Club, the Miami duo whose built a cult following on the strength of their provocative oeuvre and singular, quick-witted approach. Comprised of Marty and Fern, Social Club is the after-effect of two distinctive personalities meshing to create an invigorating sound. The self-monikered "Misfits" are disruptors in every sense, challenging norms and bringing other misfits along for the ride. With a host of projects and EP's under their proverbial belt, including the Billboard-charting full lengths Misfits 2 and US, Social Club has made a sport of pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of what faith-based music can accomplish. From headlining sold out tours across the country to spawning imitators the world over, it's clear the duo has struck a chord with listeners from all walks of life. They have bypassed perceived gatekeepers in favor of carving their own lane and fueling their purpose. While some are content with moving wherever the current leads, Social Club has embraced their calling as leaders of a more intentional school of thought. The misfits are now.
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Hip-hop, Rap, Christian Rap
Band members
Fern & Marty
concert photo concert photo concert photo concert photo
What fans are saying
5 / 5
If you hate on social club then you're dead inside
Port City Community Church Wilmington, NC
Oct 01, 2019
4 / 5
Shakira ? Social Club Misfits +nobigdyl == 🧚🏽
House of Blues San Diego presented by Cricket Wireless San Diego, CA
Mar 03, 2020
5 / 5
It was an awesome and spirit lifting show!
Cross Church Rogers, AR
Oct 23, 2018
5 / 5
Best rap group ever. They brought rap back
The Door Dallas, TX
Aug 11, 2018
5 / 5
definitely the best concert I've been too.
Key Arena Seattle, WA
Mar 12, 2018
4 / 5
Pumped and hyped for the Lord!
Veterans Memorial Coliseum Portland, OR
Mar 11, 2018
5 / 5
New Life Church of God Tucson, AZ
Sep 30, 2018
5 / 5
Amazing! We danced all night long!
Tower Theatre Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 09, 2018
5 / 5
Such an amazing concert!
The Door Clubs Dallas, TX
Apr 06, 2019
5 / 5
It was lit!
King's Park International Church RALEIGH, NC
Nov 13, 2018
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Social Club Misfits Tour Cities
Isle, MN

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Club Misfits

Concerts & Tour Date Information

Is Social Club Misfits on tour?

Yes, Social Club Misfits is currently on tour. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming Social Club Misfits concert, make sure to grab your tickets in advance. The Social Club Misfits tour is scheduled for 1 dates across 1 cities. Get information on all upcoming tour dates and tickets for 2024-2025 with Hypebot.

How many upcoming tour dates is Social Club Misfits scheduled to play?

Social Club Misfits is scheduled to play 1 shows between 2024-2025. Buy concert tickets to a nearby show through Hypebot.

When does the Social Club Misfits tour start?

Social Club Misfits’s tour starts Aug 23, 2024 and ends on Aug 23, 2024. They will play 1 cities; their most recent concert was held in Isle at Redemption Hill and their next upcoming concert will be in at .

What venues is Social Club Misfits performing at?

As part of the Social Club Misfits tour, Social Club Misfits is scheduled to play across the following venues and cities:

2024 Tour Dates:

Aug 23 - Isle, MN @ Redemption Hill