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Sattas Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Roots Reggae, Reggae
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About Sattas
SATTAS was founded in 2005 by Orçun "Leo" Sünear and Derya " Derryll" Eke. Their motivation for this group was playing the music they loved. After playing cover songs from Lee Scratch,Gregory Isaac,Bob Marley and the Wailers,Count Ossie etc, in some small clubs in Istanbul, SATTAS has composed their first song in 2006 (War is Over)(after turkish version of it) and continued to do so.Finally, number of group members reached nine. Today, SATTAS has been performing in some of the most important clubs and performance halls in Turkey and outside of Turkey.Sattas was giged with reggae giant U-Brown in 2007 at Balans.They are not only playing cover songs from the bands like world’s reggae stars but also their own compositions in Turkish & English like Greetings,War is Over,Rule Dem,Groundationand,Ne Oldu,Her Yerde Kan Var,Savaş Bitmeli,Funky Reggae Night (Na Na Na),American Rambos,Mustafa,Groundation,Irie,Büyüklere Masallar...etc& many more…With their versatile approach to music and different backgrounds in music, Sattas has become an original one in Root Reggae music makers which could be seen both in melodies and lyrics of their composition. In their music, Reggae, Dub, Ska Jazz,Blues and early Rock forms melt in a pod. SATTAS still only Roots Reggae band in Turkey. SATTAS's new album Out on 17 July !!!! SATTAS - SATTAS ! ! ! SATTAS in workin' on their second album.We had gig in Ruhr reggae festival,Montreal jazz festtival,Sziget festival and Rototom Reggae festival. Finally we played with reggae giant and legend Micheal Rose too. Özgürlük herkesin her istediğini yapabilmesi değil,herkesin birbirinin hakkına saygı göstermesi demektir...SATTAS buna inanır....
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Roots Reggae, Reggae
Band members
Oyku "Dubatista" Gulata: Bass, Emir Erunsal: TenorBaritone Sax, Sami "Mr. Vertigo" Dönmez: GuitarBack Vocal, Derya "Derryll" Eke: Drumsnayahbyngy, Faruk Demir Tugayoğlu: Keyboard, Başar Yurtcu: Rude boy of sound, Orcun "Leo" Sunear: VocalMelodica, Mert Fehmi Alatan: Trumpet, Seckin "Bone Daddy" Özmutlu: Trombone, Batu Kurnaz: GuitarBack Vocal

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No, Sattas is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Sattas for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.