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Tom Novy

Tom Novy Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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About Tom Novy
Tom Novy aka Thomas Reichold, born in 1970, is a German house DJ and producer. Tom Novy was the first German DJ who mixed the british compilation "Ministry of Sound Annual". He also did remixes for Sonique, Lou Bega, Tom Jones & Mousse T., Backstreet Boys and Snap!. Beyond doubt, Tom Novy belongs to an elect circlet of exceptional artists in the music scene whose name doesn’t need any explanation. Worldwide chart successes and appearances in the world’s best clubs seam his career. His international breakthrough came along in 1996 with his single “Superstar”, which rose up to position 15 in Germany and made it into the top positions in 18 other countries. In 1998, his single “I Rock” not only became a chart-breaker, but a downright House anthem. As said, Tom Novy also was the first ever German DJ to be granted the honour to mix the “Ministry of Sound Annual Compilation”. The compilation took the German as well as the British charts by assault. His single “Pumpin” also made it onto position #19 in the UK Charts in 2000. Later he produced remixes for Sonique “I Put A Spell On You”, Lou Bega “mambo #5”, Tom Jones and Mousse T. “Sexbomb”, Backstreet Boys “The Call”, Snap! “Eternity”, just to name a few. His singles “Your Body” & “Lovin U” in 2004 caused a worldwide sensation, similar to South Africa, where Tom conquered the Top 10. Tom Novy had two shows in German television: “MTV Dance Floor Charts”, the one and only dance music show on German television, and “MTV Streetlife”. In 2003 he also presented “MTV – Battle of the DJs” and the “Mac Chart Show” on Pro7 in 2004. Furthermore he keeps spinning vinyl for his weekly radio show on FFN and has been playing for Radio Energy Munich for four years now and for Radio Energy Stuttgart since 2003.
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Is Tom Novy on tour?

No, Tom Novy is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Tom Novy for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.