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Tito El Bambino

Tito El Bambino Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Latin, Reggaeton, Reggaeton Urbano, International, Reggae, Tropical
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About Tito El Bambino
Efrain Finez Nevarez (better known as Tito El Bambino) is a reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico. He rose to fame as Tito of the duo Héctor y Tito. Héctor y Tito: Together with his partner, they released a number of hit songs in his native Puerto Rico, including "Amor De Colegio" (which introduced (Don Omar), "Felina", "Baila Morena" (which featured Glory), and "No Le Temas a El", a song which not only raised their popularity, it helped raise popularity for the then up-and-coming Trébol Clan. After years of working together, they separated, but not before releasing a final album, Héctor y Tito Season Finale, which featured some of their greatest hits. The duo broke up due to Tito's belief of disloyalty from Hector. Now breaking away from the duo, "El Bambino" (as he is commonly called) had difficulty regaining his popularity, while his former partner had no trouble at all adjusting to going solo (and landing a large number of chart-topping hits). Tito was left in relative obscurity, making guest appearances on other artist's albums (he did, however, land a hit with "Dejala Volar", on LunyTunes' album "Mas Flow 2"). Finally, rumor started surging that he was going to release his first solo CD. The rumors, though widely laughed at by the public (and other "reggaetoneros" as well), turned out to be true. Many people anxiously waited, but were to be disappointed when the release date for his new album was delayed. After much speculation his album was canceled, it was announced the CD was finished, sending Puerto Rico into a public frenzy. Tito has a daughter named Jeanaliz and is living a happy life with his wife named Jessica Santiago. First Solo Album: Top of The Line: After much delay, his first solo album was released, Top of The Line. The album was a hit, reaching #1 in Puerto Rico and knocking Rakim y Ken-Y's album, "Masterpiece", to #2 (which was a huge achievement, as Rakim y Ken-Y were being called "The New Héctor y Tito" and their CD, Masterpiece, was also an incredible hit). However, even though Top Of The Line sold incredibly well, it fell short of beating Masterpiece's record of most CD's sold in the first week of release in Puerto Rico. Top Of The Line featured 20 new songs, with collaboration from artists such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Beenie Man. It featured quite a number of hits, such as "Caile", "Mía" (with Daddy Yankee), "Tu Cintura" (with Don Omar), "Flow Natural" (with Beenie Man and Deevani) "Secreto", "Máximo", "Tuve Que Morir" and "Me Da Miedo" among others. Top of the Line: El Internacional: Top of the Line/El Internacional it's a limited edition of Tito's first album Top of the Line. It features 5 new songs that were not included in the original version. They are "Siente el boom", "Enamorado", "Calentandote", "Bailarlo" and "Voy a mi". The first single of the album is "Siente el boom" that is a big hit in Puerto Rico. "Siente el boom" is also on "Chosen Few: El Documental II" that features Randy. In Top of The Line: El Internacional it features Randy, along with his partner Jowell, & De La Ghetto. The second single that was recently released it's "Enamorado" but it's not getting a lot of airplay on the radio due to "Siente el boom" still being a hit on Puerto Rico's radio stations and now expanding through latin america by peaking at #14 in the billboard hot latin charts. Apparently "Enamorado" got cancelled and now the third single is "bailarlo" that's starting to get airplay on the radio and a video has already been released.
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Latin, Reggaeton, Reggaeton Urbano, International, Reggae, Tropical

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