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Volkan Konak

Volkan Konak Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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About Volkan Konak
He was born in Hacavera village of Macka in Trabzon in 1967. He finished primary and high-school in his birth place Macka. He started ITU Turkish Music State Conversatory in 1983-1984. He graduated in 1987-1988 from conversatory and started master education in ITU Social Sciences at the same year. He finished his master education in 1991-1992. He started his music and art life with ‘Suların Horon Yeri’ in 1987 which he collected his eclectic works of Macka district. He defined Volkan Konak music and style with composing valuable poets’ works like SUNAY AKIN, YASAR MIRAC, OMER KAYAOGLU, NAZIM HIKMET. By adding etnical motives into his composition music, he defined his own unique style. He started to exhibit this style with the album ‘Efulim’ in 1991-1992. This album work was pioneering in and outside of Turkey. In 1994 he presented the album ‘Gelirmisin Benimle’ which involves his own works. In 1996 he was on the stage again with ‘Volkanik Parcalar’. In 1998 the album ‘Pedaliza’ was presented by him. In 2001 he spoke to his listeners with the album ‘Simal Ruzgari’ under DMC group. And in 2004 he was again in the hearts with the album ‘Maranda’. Volkan Konak was not only appreciated by his listeners and lovers with his nearly 50 compositions, he was also appreciated and awarded by various foundations and institutions. Various cities’ jounalists societies, some culture and politics magazines and associations awarded him as ‘Artist of the Year’. 2005 Ankara Capital City Group ‘Golden Man’, 2005 Magazine Journalists ‘Artist of the Year’, 2005 Kral TV Video Music Awards ‘ Folk Music Artist of the Year’ awards are given to him. Volkan Konak lives the happiness of taking these valuable awards and he carries the honour of awards he take from public and life at his pocket. Mora ( 2006 ) Maranda ( 2003 ) Şimal Rüzgarı ( 2000 ) Pedaliza ( 1998 ) Volkanik Parçalar ( 1996 ) Gelirmisin Benimle ( 1994 ) Efulim ( 1992 )
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Is Volkan Konak on tour?

No, Volkan Konak is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Volkan Konak for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.