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Valentine Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Hard Rock
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About Valentine
Hard n' Heavy de São Paulo. Formada em 2007 pela guitarrista Neila Abrahão, a Valentine é composta somente por garotas muito talentosas que mostram que mulher faz rock de qualidade. Em 2010 lançaram seu primeiro álbum "Tudo Vai Mudar" em São Paulo. Valentine é Neila Abrahão (guitarra e backing vocals), Mari Moga (vocais), Mari Baggio (baixo) e Renata Pereira (bateria). Hard n' Heavy from Sao Paulo.Valentine was created in 2007 by the great guitarrist Neila Abrahão and it's a group of 4 very talented girls that shows women do rock with quality. In 2010 their first album "Tudo Vai Mudar" was released in São Paulo. Valentine is Neila Abrahão (lead guitars & backing vocals), Mari Moga (lead vocals), Mari Baggio (bass guitars), Renata Pereira (drums)
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Hard Rock
Band members
Mari Baggio - Baixo / Backing Vocal, Neila Abrahão - Guitarra / Backing Vocal, Renata Pereira - Bateria / Backing Vocal, Mari Moga - Vocal

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Is Valentine on tour?

No, Valentine is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Valentine for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.