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Waajeed Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Other, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Music
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About Waajeed
Waajeed (b. Robert O'Bryant) is a Detroit-born music producer, and one half of the hip hop and R&B group Platinum Pied Pipers. He formed the Bling47 record label & coinciding website/online store, [1] in 2002 and released an instrumental album called B.P.M.. Bling47 has also released projects by J Dilla and the vocalist Tiombe Lockhart. Before producing records, Waajeed was a DJ in and around the Detroit music circuit. As a producer Waajeed began comparatively late (2000), but before long had landed a handful of tracks on Slum Village's Trinity (Past, Present and Future) album. According to Waajeed, his first MPC had previously belonged to J Dilla. After the software was broken by ?uestlove, J Dilla said that Waajeed could keep it if he could fix it. His first beats were made on that very same MPC after managing to correct the problem. Waajeed was an executive producer on Dwele's pre-debut project, Rize, which ultimately led to Dwele getting signed to Virgin Records shortly thereafter. He has been a close friend of Slum Village since it's earliest days, choosing the group's name and inroducing them to Elzhi. Waajeed's productions have lead to him working with some of the industry's most respected artists such as Roy Ayers and Radiohead. He is currently working on forthcoming albums by Bling47 artists, Tiombe Lockhart, and Invincible, a brand new B47 compilation, The War LP, as well as the follow-up to the Platinum Pied Pipers' debut album, Triple P. Due to work, Waajeed currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.
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Other, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Music

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Is Waajeed on tour?

No, Waajeed is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Waajeed for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.