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JesusAdrianRomero Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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About JesusAdrianRomero
Jesús Adrián Romero is a renowned Mexican singer and songwriter. He began his career in the mid-90’s to this day having an enormous platform where he continues to build prestige and legacy throughout Latin America, United States, and much of Europe.  His music has accumulated more than six billion streams and views across all digital platforms. He is currently presenting his new EP called "¿Cómo Me Ves?" a project that reflects openness, an aspect that is reflected in all of its its forms in this EP. It begins with JAR's decision to collaborate with artists who, although not considered part of the Christian-Spiritual circuit, project a deep spiritual dimension into their art. If there is a leitmotif of this EP it is that God is everywhere. The reduced Faith-Church space is widened and the most everyday aspects of human life are integrated into the experience, such our friendships, our relationship with nature, and even the relationship we have with our own humanity. Among the songs that make up this EP are "Luna y Marea" in collaboration with Kurt, “Había Olvidado" featuring José Maria Napoleón, which together have surpassed more the 8 million streams in just a few months since being released. “¿Cómo Me Ves?” also includes a new duet titled "Te Busqué" with singer Brian Sandoval, a song whose genre differs of that which Jesús Adrián Romero normally interprets, but we are sure will connect with a wider audience. All of the artists and songs featured, reflect the sensibility of the core inspiration of the project while at the same time they bringing their own unique color to it as a whole.
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Is JesusAdrianRomero on tour?

No, JesusAdrianRomero is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow JesusAdrianRomero for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.