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Magic Sword

Magic Sword Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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On tour Yes
Followers 22,863
Category Darkwave, Synth Pop, Fantasy, 80s, Electronic
Treefort Music Fest 2024
Mad With Power Fest 2024
About Magic Sword
Ages ago, the immortal Dark One was freed from his prison. Since that time, the forces of good have been searching for the Light, the Chosen One to force him back into his cell. The key to this prison is the Magic Sword. Wielded by the proper soul, it will put the universe back in proper balance. The Keeper of the Magic Sword is an old soul who searches endlessly for the Chosen One. With the help of other immortals, The Seer and The Weaver, they are ever trying to stem the tide of the Great Shadow from engulfing all life. When the need is great, they appear with the Magic Sword and a high stakes proposition for those who are pure of heart, perpetually hoping that their search is finally over. The hope is that one day soon one of those who wield the Magic Sword will in fact be the Chosen One, and the enormous power they wield from the Sword will be immeasurably amplified and drive the Shadowbringer back into his cage. Until that fateful day, The Dreadlords of the Nameless One continue to call forth the power of evil and destroy all that is pure and decent in the world with the malevolent forces of Darkness.
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Darkwave, Synth Pop, Fantasy, 80s, Electronic
Band members
The Weaver of all Hearts and Souls, The Keeper of the Magic Sword, The Seer of All Truths
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What fans are saying
5 / 5
It was absolutely phenomenal to watch them live, a beautiful and brilliant performance, would watch them again in a heartbeat 💓
Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
Apr 26, 2023
5 / 5
Excellent show! Absolutely loved it! These guys brought it. You could tell they were having a good time.
The Riot Room Kansas City, KS
Nov 03, 2019
5 / 5
A banger of a show, great songs and awesome energy keeping the mood for the whole concert
Moby Dick Club Madrid, Spain
Oct 18, 2022
5 / 5
it was hella epic had a lot of fun! I would like to see them again.
The Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA
May 19, 2023
5 / 5
The show was awesome! Can't wait for them to come back! They sound even better live!
Echoplex Los Angeles, CA
Dec 02, 2022
5 / 5
Magic Sword put on an absolutely amazing live show. They sound better live then studio recorded!
The Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, UT
Dec 20, 2018
5 / 5
An amazing show. Yet again, Magic Sword proves live music is anathema to Evil.
Aggie Theatre Fort Collins, CO
Aug 11, 2023
5 / 5
Stellar concert. Can't wait to see them again when they roll through town.
Barboza Seattle, WA
Dec 17, 2019
5 / 5
Awesome show! I danced all night. The boys from Idaho are amazingly talented
Constellation Room Santa Ana, CA
May 22, 2019
5 / 5
Fucking Great show! Everytime! Magic Sword kills it with their Synthrock grooves
The Crocodile Seattle, WA
May 10, 2023
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Magic Sword Tour Cities
Boise, ID Madison, WI

Frequently Asked Questions About Magic Sword

Concerts & Tour Date Information

Is Magic Sword on tour?

Yes, Magic Sword is currently on tour. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming Magic Sword concert, make sure to grab your tickets in advance. The Magic Sword tour is scheduled for 2 dates across 2 cities. Get information on all upcoming tour dates and tickets for 2024-2025 with Hypebot.

How many upcoming tour dates is Magic Sword scheduled to play?

Magic Sword is scheduled to play 2 shows between 2024-2025. Buy concert tickets to a nearby show through Hypebot.

When does the Magic Sword tour start?

Magic Sword’s tour starts Mar 20, 2024 and ends on Aug 01, 2024. They will play 2 cities; their most recent concert was held in Boise at Treefort Music Fest and their next upcoming concert will be in Madison at The Sylvee.

What venues is Magic Sword performing at?

As part of the Magic Sword tour, Magic Sword is scheduled to play across the following venues and cities:

2024 Tour Dates:

Mar 20 - Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Fest
Aug 01 - Madison, WI @ The Sylvee