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The Resistance

The Resistance Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Metal, Christian Hip-hop, Death Metal
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About The Resistance
Some bands find instant success, however for Selkirk, Manitoba's The Resistance it's been an uphill battle, and with the likes of Propagandhi, Comeback Kid and the Weakerthans hailing Winnipeg as home; the Resistance have some big shoes to fill. With their debut full length album, Revenge On The Riverside, The Resistance have shown that they intend to fill those shoes. Released on Montreal's Union 2112 Records, R.O.T.R. is a darkly-melodic album that draws from the group's punkrock roots and combines their harder-hitting sound with singer Nicole Skalesky's signature blend of melodic & intense singing/screaming. Produced by Blair Calibaba (Sum 41, Gob) and Steve Rawles (Belvedere), the infectious melodies and killer riffs of Revenge On The Riverside have earned the band glowing reviews from some of Canada's largest magazines (Exclaim!, The Nerve, etc.). In 2005, with the release of their new album, the band headed across Canada first supporting labelmates Belvedere, and secondly, in the fall of 05' supporting Epitaph recording artists Death By Stereo and Vagrant recording artists Protest the Hero on another cross-Canada excursion. The spring of 2006 brought The Resistance on what would be their last tours - first on the Grind Tour, featuring the Mad Caddies, Satanic Surfers, the Loved Ones and labelmates Subb. Followed up by a brief tour of Eastern Canada with new friends FortyCentFix!. In the summer of 2006 the decision was made to put the band on hiatus and in February 2007 the Resistance officially announced their demise.
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Metal, Christian Hip-hop, Death Metal

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Is The Resistance on tour?

No, The Resistance is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow The Resistance for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.