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Sonia Leigh

Sonia Leigh Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Country, Electro Pop, Rock, New Alternative
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About Sonia Leigh
Sonia Leigh’s musical style cannot be put in a box. From Hip-Hop to Country to Pop and Rock and Roll. Her Southern Ground debut album, 1978 December, was where Leigh made her country catapult. The first single off the album "My Name Is Money," hit Top 40 at US Country Radio. She also co-wrote the Zac Brown Band #1 singles "Goodbye in Her Eyes" and "Sweet Annie". Leigh currently canopies several projects to umbrella her different styles, such as hip hop/rock duo TYGR TYGR AKA ELYVN: ELYVN with Daphne Willis (Position Music). Other projects include low-fi 90’s hip-hop duo Indica Girlz, and the mysterious grunge-pop project Rob The Man, all pending follow-up releases in 2023. Leigh has toured the world with the likes of the Zac Brown Band, Blackberry Smoke, Amos Lee, Melissa Etheridge, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Joan Jett, and many more. Amongst all of this, Sonia Leigh has been writing and in the studio working on her next solo record. The hard-hitting first single “Thin Ice,” coming out on Feb 24 2023, is fueled with pure rock and roll energy that calls for burning down the barriers around one’s self to realize their full potential.
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Country, Electro Pop, Rock, New Alternative

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Is Sonia Leigh on tour?

No, Sonia Leigh is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Sonia Leigh for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.