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The VANNS Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Indie Rock, Rock & Pop, Alternative Rock
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About The VANNS
The VANNS are a true powerhouse of modern-day Australian rock & roll, best described as, “four mates playing their instruments loud & live.” Touring more-or-less non-stop since 2015, they have certainly exceeded recent expectations, selling out every capital city they've visited and showing no signs of stopping. Led by Jimmy Vann (Lead Vocals - Rhythm Guitar) & Cameron Little (Lead Guitar - Vocals - Keys), performing live is the true home of The VANNS. The rhythmic backbone consists of Tom Switlek (Bass - Backing Vocals) & Andrew “Banjo” Banovich (Drums - Vocals). The rhythm outfit have played together since they first picked up their instruments & together they form the raw yet polished sounds that are selling out venues such as The Factory & Metro Theatre Sydney time & time again. Doubling as Triple J's Feature Album in November 2019 upon its release, The VANNS debut “Through the Walls” was a true demonstration of their storytelling and songwriting abilities maturing. Under the guidance of Holy Holy's 'Guitar Messiah' Oscar Dawson producing, the record truly came alive. With huge songs such as ‘Mother,' ‘Deranged' & ‘Fake Friends' delivering on their stadium-filling sound, ‘Jules Said' acts as a counterbalance with its raw honesty, whilst the emotional slow-build ‘Chelsea' has developed an almost cult-like following amongst fans. This success saw The VANNS arrive with their first Triple J Like A Version. Tackling Bon Iver's ‘Hey, Ma' standing on its own whilst doing the original justice, with 3 Million streams across platforms to date. Starting off in the trenches, opening for the likes of Ocean Alley and Catfish and The Bottlemen, The VANNS have found themselves being main stage staples at festivals such as Big Pineapple, Party in The Paddock and Yours & Owls. In June and July, they will be embarking on their biggest tour to date, with Melbourne's Forum Theatre on the horizon. With their new song Red Light, recorded in Byron Bay & produced by Chris Collins (Gang of Youths, Skegss, Ruby Fields) they are certainly about to do what they truly love: play live music, and play a lot of it.
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Indie Rock, Rock & Pop, Alternative Rock
Band members
Andrew Banovich: Drums, Jimmy Vann: Guitar/Vocals, Tom Switlek: Bass, Cameron Little: Guitar/Keyboard
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Is The VANNS on tour?

No, The VANNS is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow The VANNS for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.