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Bauhaus Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Followers 211,245
Category Alternative, Punk, Post Punk
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About Bauhaus
Bauhaus formed in Northampton, United Kingdom in 1978. The band took their name from the German Bauhaus art movement, originally going by the name Bauhaus 1919, dropping the latter portion within a year of the band's formation. Bauhaus combined a number of influences (punk, glam rock, funk, and dub), to create a dark, compelling, passionate sound which appealed to many looking for something new after punk. Their debut single, Bela Lugosi's Dead, was released in August 1979. Over nine minutes long and recorded live in the studio in a single take, it did not enter the UK pop charts but remained on sale for many years thereafter. By far their most famous work, the song and the band were featured in the first ten minutes of the 1983 Tony Scott vampire film, The Hunger. Bauhaus first broke up in 1983. Vocalist Peter Murphy worked briefly with bassist Mick Karn of Japan in the band Dalis Car before embarking on a successful solo career, releasing ten studio albums and five live albums as of 2021. Daniel Ash formed Tones on Tail with Kevin Haskins and Bauhaus roadie Glen Campling. In 1985, David, Daniel, and Kevin formed Love and Rockets, who achieved a US hit in 1989 with So Alive and broke up after seven albums in 1998. David J has released multiple solo albums and has collaborated with several other musicians over the years. In 2017, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins formed Poptone. In 1998 Bauhaus reunited for the Resurrection Tour. A live album recorded during the tour, Gotham, was released the same year. In 2005, Bauhaus played a reunion gig at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California on April 30, 2005. Peter Murphy followed the Coachella performance with a solo tour to support his new album. Bauhaus then embarked on a full tour beginning in North America and Mexico in the Autumn of 2005 and ending in Europe in February 2006. The band planned to record new music following the tour. In May 2006, Bauhaus toured with Nine Inch Nails on the summer leg of the With Teeth Tour and unveiled two new songs: Adrenaline and Endless Summer of the Damned. Bauhaus released their first new album since 1983, Go Away White, on March 4th, 2008. The group announced plans to disband after the album’s release. After a long hiatus, during which the members focused on their own projects, the band reformed for a series of sold-out and critically acclaimed shows at the Hollywood Palladium in late 2019. Bauhaus released a new track, “Drink the New Wine”, in March of 2022 and followed with a tour of festivals and solo shows around the world in May, 2022.
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Alternative, Punk, Post Punk
Band members
David J, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, Peter Murphy
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What fans are saying
5 / 5
Peter Murphy was right in front of me... Need I say more.
Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA
Nov 07, 2019
5 / 5
It's practically unanimous that Bauhaus ruled Cruel World. Such an amazing experience.
Brookside Golf Club Pasadena, CA
May 21, 2022
5 / 5
first concert went two nights in a row with my dad!!
The Masonic San Francisco, CA
Jan 19, 2023
5 / 5
Sounded great. Nice to see the band together for this!!!
The Masonic San Francisco, CA
May 26, 2022
5 / 5
went both nights with my dad first concert ever!!
The Masonic San Francisco, CA
Jan 19, 2023
4 / 5
Great performance but too short, only 70 minutes
Alcatraz Milan, Italy
Jun 07, 2022
5 / 5
Great Show!! Peter Murphy was awesome.
Granada Theater Dallas, TX
Feb 01, 2019
5 / 5
was great but was PopTone not Bauhaus.
Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL
Dec 05, 2017
4 / 5
The opening act put me to sleep
The Masonic San Francisco, CA
May 23, 2022
5 / 5
Fabulous show, they really killed it
The Masonic San Francisco, CA
May 23, 2022

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No, Bauhaus is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Bauhaus for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.