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Intervals Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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What fans are saying
5 / 5
Second time I've seen Intervals and dam they always bring it! Aaron and the band was on fire and they played some deep cuts! Got some picks and my friend got his favorite record from them and a shirt!🤘🤘🤘
The Crocodile Seattle, WA
Mar 20, 2024
5 / 5
As usual, Aaron, Travis, Jacob and Nate rocked our faces off! The sound mix was exceptionally good fit this show, so well done to the crew as well! Can’t wait for the next time INTERVALS are in town!
House of Blues Chicago Chicago, IL
May 10, 2023
4 / 5
Amazing show!!! Every band was outstanding and the setlist Intervals played was fantastic! Really loved hearing some older tracks like Sure Shot and I’m Awake. Also, being the last show of the tour was fun too!
House of Blues Chicago Chicago, IL
Apr 14, 2024
5 / 5
these guys opened for Spiritbox, and I can honestly say I had a blast listening to them. definitely gained a new fan! the energy was so fun, and these guys seem like amazing, humble people.
House of Blues Orlando Lake Buena Vista, FL
Sep 26, 2023
5 / 5
Epic for the Everyman. Eleven tracks spanning an ever-evolving career and confirming Aaron Marshall/Intervals as icons of the New Guard of Guitar. Eagerly awaiting the drop of Memory Palace, May 17th.
White Oak Music Hall Houston, TX
Mar 29, 2024
5 / 5
Bruh that was tight. Jason and Luke killed it as openers. Intervals were amazing. And all the other performances were great. 10/10 would watch again.
1720 Los Angeles, CA
Feb 01, 2018
5 / 5
Aaron and the rest of the band was fucking amazing. Really needed that dose of inspiration after rotting behind my day job for so long..
Granada Theater Dallas, TX
Nov 09, 2023
5 / 5
Insane. It was my first time seeing them and they knocked it outta the park. Both intervals and Animals as Leaders are worth seeing.
Buckhead Theatre Atlanta, GA
Apr 16, 2022
5 / 5
The only issue is that the set wasn’t long enough! I can’t wait for Intervals to come back as a headliner.
Neptune Theatre Seattle, WA
Apr 12, 2023
5 / 5
Like Wolfgang says, Aaron Marshall is the most interesting progressive guitarist on the music scene. Can't wait for the full album.
Wind Creek Event Center Bethlehem, PA
May 07, 2024

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Is Intervals on tour?

No, Intervals is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Intervals for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.