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theSTART Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Mod Northern Soul Ska
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About theSTART
Aimee Echo (formerly of Human Waste Project) and Jamie Miller formed theSTART in the Fall of 1998, citing a mutual love of old-school new wave, dance-punk energy and dark pop, with bassist Jeff Jaeger and drummer Scott Ellis (Mellowdrone, SheWantsRevenge). Renown for delivering a raucous live set more so now, than ever, they've shared stages with a variety of bands, ranging from Alt-Rock scenesters (Garbage, The International Noise Conspiracy, John Frusciante, Weezer, Melissa Auf der Maur, Sparta, Burning Brides, The Von Bondies, Team Sleep, Head Automatica) to punk rock royalty ( Alkaline Trio, AFI, Hot Water Music, Offspring) to Goddess-fronted rock ( X's Exene Cervenka, Berlin, and Bow Wow Wow) gaining them fans in the strangest places. Even No Doubt's Adrian Young will occasionally be found pounding theSTART's drums!
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Mod Northern Soul Ska
Band members
Dustin lee Burgess - Drums, Brook Railton- Vocals, Rob Sigston - Guitars, Sean Kelly - Bass Guitar

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Is theSTART on tour?

No, theSTART is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow theSTART for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.