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At The Gates (Official)

At The Gates (Official) Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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On tour Yes
Followers 130,200
Category Death Metal
Headbangers Boat 2024
Downtown Miami
About At The Gates (Official) Swedish melodic Death Metal pioneers AT THE GATES have begun recordings of their upcoming studio album with producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, The Haunted, Dimmu Borgir, etc.) at Parlour Studios in the UK, which follows up 2014’s acclaimed comeback release “At War With Reality”. The band has checked in with the following comment: "We are finally hitting the studio and are super excited about this! The songs have been worked on in such detail for the last 7 months and we can´t wait to put them down to tape. Russ Russell was actually the runner up for mixing “At War With Reality”, and we really wanted to work with him on this one. He has what we are looking for when it comes to sheer loud, blunt heaviness. This is going to be a darker, richer and more raging album than the last one. It has so much more real ATG emotions on display, and I would say, it has the same approach lyrically as the feeling of “The Red In The Sky Is Ours”. More of a RED album, than a BLUE one. Can´t wait for people to hear it!" -- Tomas / AT THE GATES – Gothenburg, November 2017
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Death Metal
Band members
Jonas Stålhammar - Guiars, Tony Andersson - Bass (1992-1993), Tomas Lindberg - Vocals;, Adrian Erlandsson - Drums;, Martin Larsson - Guitars, Alf Svensson - Guitars (1990-1993), Anders Björler - Guitars (1990-1996 / 2008-2017), Jonas Björler - Bass;, Jesper Jarold - Session Violin (1991-1992), Previous Members:
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What fans are saying
5 / 5
Thank you for an Awesome Show! It was very nice to work with you guys!
Pustervik Haga, Sweden
Oct 09, 2018
5 / 5
Swedish band are the best! Great sound and on stage presence was AMAZING 5stars
M Telus Montreal, Canada
Nov 06, 2018
5 / 5
Municipal Waste kicked ass and At The Gates absolutely annihilated 🤘💜 Best Show Ever!
The UC Theatre Berkeley, CA
Aug 20, 2022
5 / 5
Hey it was a awesome show death 💀☠️ metal bands are awesome ☠️💀☠️
Hellfest Open Air 2020 Clisson, France
Jun 18, 2022
5 / 5
Intense. Tomas is a legend. Wish they would have had a longer set.
The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD
May 11, 2022
5 / 5
I was surprised how great they were this late in their career.
Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA
Nov 25, 2018
5 / 5
Mi primer concierto de At The Gates con 15 años, una pasada.
Sala Riviera Madrid, Spain
Jan 10, 2023
5 / 5
Bands were outstanding! At the Gates was great from start to finish.
Concord Music Hall Chicago, IL
Aug 28, 2022
4 / 5
At The Gates was amazing!! Such a sick show.
The Depot Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 17, 2018
5 / 5
At the Gates slayed right out the gate
Skyway Theatre Minneapolis, MN
Oct 08, 2019
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At The Gates (Official) Tour Cities
Downtown Miami, FL

Frequently Asked Questions About At The Gates (Official)

Concerts & Tour Date Information

Is At The Gates (Official) on tour?

Yes, At The Gates (Official) is currently on tour. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming At The Gates (Official) concert, make sure to grab your tickets in advance. The At The Gates (Official) tour is scheduled for 1 dates across 1 cities. Get information on all upcoming tour dates and tickets for 2024-2025 with Hypebot.

How many upcoming tour dates is At The Gates (Official) scheduled to play?

At The Gates (Official) is scheduled to play 1 shows between 2024-2025. Buy concert tickets to a nearby show through Hypebot.

When does the At The Gates (Official) tour start?

At The Gates (Official)’s tour starts Oct 28, 2024 and ends on Oct 28, 2024. They will play 1 cities; their most recent concert was held in Downtown Miami at Headbangers Boat and their next upcoming concert will be in at .

What venues is At The Gates (Official) performing at?

As part of the At The Gates (Official) tour, At The Gates (Official) is scheduled to play across the following venues and cities:

2024 Tour Dates:

Oct 28 - Downtown Miami, FL @ Headbangers Boat