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Aloha Tour Dates and Upcoming Concerts

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Category Indie, Alternative
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About Aloha
Aloha is an american indie rock band currently signed to Polyvinyl Records. The four members of Aloha are scattered across the eastern half of the country, but spend most of their time making music together. Some Echoes is the second Aloha album since T.J. Lipple joined the band, and was recorded, mixed and mastered at Silver Sonya, the studio he runs with Chad Clark (Beauty Pill) in Arlington, Va. Tony and T.J. began playing together during a lull in Aloha's schedule in late 2002, when they both lived in Pittsburgh. T.J. joined the band in May of 2003, when Cale, Tony and Matthew joined him at his grandpa's empty house in Altoona, PA. There they began writing 2004's Here Comes Everyone though at the time they didn't know it. With T.J. came a more focused approach to making music and a host of new tools including marimba, homemade mellotrons, organs and tape manipulations. T.J.'s skilled drumming also allowed Cale to move to the piano on occasion. Aloha began with Tony and Matthew in the summer of 1997 in Bowling Green, OH. One of the few bands to ever actually get a record deal based on a demo tape, the band spent time based out of Cleveland. In recent years, Aloha has operated from a number of bases, doing their writing, rehearsing and living in Chicago, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Cincinnati, Rochester, Pittsburgh and Altoona. Extensive touring has made Aloha renowned for their intense, non-stop live shows as well as their homemade T-shirts and self-reliant ethic. They have shared the stage the likes of Q and Not U, Ted Leo, Clinic, as well as Cex and Joan of Arc, two bands in which Cale Parks has been a member.
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Indie, Alternative

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Is Aloha on tour?

No, Aloha is not currently on tour and doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled for 2024-2025. Browse related artists and follow Aloha for the latest updates on upcoming concert tours.